Mur dSII has long been known for its expertise in new information and communication technologies. Our objective is to work alongside our clients to help them develop future products and services that incorporate technological innovations in which our consultants specialize. SII continues to invest in its technology watch and the training of employees, in order to be able to effectively respond to customers’ needs and to stay at the cutting edge of technology.

We offer a range of highly technical services.

IP Convergence
  • Development of several IP convergence solutions
  • National IPTV skill center
  • Expertise covering the entire value chain

  • Design and implementation of portals and services
  • Publishing partnerships and programming methods
  • Development of network equipment connection and supervision software and of collaborative software

  • Développement systèmes d'accès aux services
  • Projets sous OS iPhone, Android, Linux, etc

  • Development, integration and implementation of system infrastructure
  • Service platforms
  • Engineering expertise
  • Systems and networks

Focus on IPTV
  • 180 consultants work on IPTV
  • Recording, transmission and reception of audio and video content
  • IT project management and engineering, system engineering, development, certification, deployment and exploitation support services