Revenue (M€)

Address: SII India IT & Engineering Services Private Limited
Leela Landmark - 1st Floor

Zip code: 560047

Location: Bengaluru

Province: Ejipura

Phone: +91 80 67 65 11 11

Presentation :

SII India IT & Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. is an SII Group subsidiary, based in Bangalore. The new entity, formed as part of SII's expansion in India over the past three years, works jointly with a specialized local firm, thus providing a solution eligible for offset.

The subsidiary's entire Indian staff reports locally to expert SII managers who are permanently based in India.

SII India IT & Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. is capable of delivering a wide range of services (from technical assistance to work packages) to Group SII clients, providing them with fully integrated turnkey solutions that optimize quality, cost and time.

Contact : Arut Ganessane