Service centers
Service centers combine the flexibility of technical assistance with the obligation to achieve certain results under contracts for packaged services. They provide responses to recurrent needs for specific resources and fluctuations in workloads.

After examining the specific needs and obligations concerned, SII assigns a team to its client, tasked with working on given technical or functional projects.

Service centers may be located at a client’s premises or at one of the SII offices and provide :
  • flexible and adaptable services from a large organization
  • commitments regarding both the resources used and the results achieved
  • maximum responsiveness

EEiP - embedded consulting from SII

SII makes its expertise in setting up service centers available to its clients through its Extended Enterprise Improvement Process (EEiP) consulting services.

This graduated approach is divided into three phases:

1. Audit, recommendation and initialization
2. Adaptation, start-up, measurement/configuration, continued upgrading
3. Completion commitment in Work Unit projects, under an SLA defining the required level of services (cost, deadlines, quality)

The SII Group's EEiP is a genuinely customized consulting service focused on results that provides solutions to problems in many different areas:

  • Contracting
  • Skills management
  • Service quality
  • Costs
  • Management/oversight

SII can thus help its clients outsource tasks under all-inclusive contracts by providing them with a specific structure and resources to:

  • Identify issues and objectives
  • Manage risks
  • Transform and optimize organizations
  • Assist with start-up processes
  • Control costs, deliverables and deadlines