Information System Security

A key to SII's success


Information system security is a major societal issue, both when it comes to our employees' and customers' personal information and to the operations of companies and governments.

We aim to provide our current and future customers with the level of confidence they can legitimately expect from us. When working on large-scale contracts, SII must handle entire sections of its customers' information systems and manage increasingly complex network interconnection issues.

Our customers also entrust us with strategic information and trade secrets that are of vital importance to their business.

Taking care to guarantee the security of this information is a clear, ever-present, and constant concern.

SII offers a comprehensive solution to these requirements by protecting information – in the broadest sense of the term – through measures that correspond to the value of that information, regardless of its medium or form.

We use technical, organizational, and human resources in accordance with best practices and in order to continuously improve our services through our Information Security Management System.