Portal Framework®

Portal Framework® is a line of products covering all of an organization’s content management requirements.

With the help of the Portal Framework® software, companies can :

  • pool and use all information available to them,
  • improve their relations with all parties, inside and outside the organization,
  • improve the efficiency of their processes.

Portal Framework ECM®

The Portal Framework ECM® module makes it possible to control the information generated by your organization and to manage it effectively. It can be used to create a document management system or to post content online.

Portal Framework DocManager®

Portal Framework DocManager® provides access to your document management application from the Web. It makes it possible to access documents from anywhere, without having to connect to a local server.

Portal Framework Media Services®

Portal Framework Media Services® is a solution for the healthcare sector. It allows hospitals or healthcare centers to link to their patients, visitors and staff through an interactive sound and video system.

Portal Framework Site Blueprint®

Portal Framework Site Blueprint® is a tool for rapidly creating Web portals. It is the ideal solution for creating functional, accessible and attractive portals without the help of programmers.

Portal Framework iMP®

Portal Framework iMP® is an audio and video content tool for efficiently managing multimedia content in anticipation of later controlling their broadcasting or distribution.

Portal Framework DocFinder®

Portal Framework DocFinder® is a powerful search engine that can find data or files, regardless of their size or format.

Portal Framework® solutions :

  • more than ten years of experience
  • a product line tested in highly competitive environments and with large volumes of data
  • improved processes and lower costs
  • proven customer satisfaction