Caroline Peillon, a FUNgineer at Spartan Race World Championships

Caroline Peillon, a FUNgineer at Spartan Race World Championships

On October 1st, 2016, Lake Tahoe (U.S.) will host this year's Spartan Race World Championships. Camille Peillon, a test engineer at SII's Sophia Antipolis agency, qualified for the race and will soon step up to the challenge.

The Spartan Race is a WARRIOR'S race that consists of a 23 km series of running and obstacle courses. Crawling through mud, climbing, swimming, carrying heavy loads… Those are just some of the challenges competitors must overcome. Caroline knows she will need strength, precision, balance, endurance and most of all, an iron will! At 38, this courageous mother is determined to take on the extraordinary challenge.

As a true #FUNgineer and a dedicated athlete, this challenge is a way for her to push herself but also to share her experience with others. It is an achievement for Caroline, who has been training intensely for several months. Our #FUNgineer wants to celebrate her uniqueness and is proud to represent female warrior athletes. This is the start of a long and great adventure for Caroline that we hope will lead her to a podium finish. SII is proud to support and encourage #FUNgineers like Caroline, who play a key role in promoting our movement and our values.


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