Q3 Revenue 2017/2018

Q3 Revenue 2017/2018

Revenue up 28.9% in the first nine months of fiscal 2017-2018

Growth of business continues to accelerate
Confirmation of 2017/2018 objectives

The SII engineering group has announced its revenue for the first nine months of fiscal 2017-2018.

Management Board chairman Eric Matteucci commented as follows: «The SII Group’s revenue increased by 28.9 percent to €405.2m over the nine-month period. Very good results were obtained in the third quarter, with both overall and organic growth brisker than in the first two quarters of the fiscal year. This robust business activity is indicative of the fact that the SII Group was right to rely on its historic positions with large corporations and on the development of its customer portfolio. I wish to thank the entire staff, in France and abroad, for its daily involvement in growing SII. Under the circumstances, we are confident that we will achieve the annual objectives announced earlier.»

In spite of a highly unfavorable calendar (with four fewer business days than in the first nine months of fiscal 2016-2017), the SII Group saw its nine-month revenue increase by close to 30 percent (from the same period in fiscal 2016-2017). Total sales for the period amounted to €405.2m (including €40.1m by Feel Europe). On a like-for-like basis, the Group posted organic growth of 15.4 percent compared with the first nine months of the previous year.

Business accelerated in the third quarter from the pace in the first half: quarterly revenue was up 33.7 percent from the third quarter of the previous year (including organic growth of 19.6 percent), bringing total revenue for the quarter to €146.0m. The SII Group again benefited from the development of its activities in a broad range of areas where it gained and retained customers, as well as from the commitment of its staff.

Remarkable improvement of business in France and elsewhere

In France, the SII Group generated revenue of €227.2m over the first nine months of fiscal 2017-2018, a 36.8-percent improvement, including organic growth of 12.6 percent. In the third quarter alone, French operations posted revenue of €82.4m (up 41.8 percent). The SII Group continued to actively hire personnel to support this growth.

Feel Europe’s operations contributed significantly to growth and had a positive impact in the banking & insurance and energy sectors. The Group’s other activities also played a part in its growth, including those in traditional sectors (aerospace, defense, telecommunications) and in areas where it has diversified (retail, services, healthcare and automobile). .

Outside France, the SII Group continued to expand, as business increased by 20 percent (including organic growth of 18.5 percent) over the first nine months, bringing revenue to €177.9m. The Group’s three principal markets (Poland, Germany and Spain) alone account for 87 percent of the revenue of its international operations. Sales in Poland grew by 30.9 percent over the nine-month period, while business in Germany was up 6 percent despite a stagnant first half. The Group continues to work at generating more revenue in this market. Spanish operations posted growth of 6.2 percent in a geopolitical context that remained unpredictable. Increased sales in Romania (up 16.6 percent), Chile (4.9 percent), Canada (300 percent), Morocco (118 percent), Colombia (30.1 percent) and the Netherlands (35.4 percent) also contributed to the growth in revenue.

Outlook for fiscal 2017-2018

Considering the business generated over the first nine months of fiscal 2017-2018 and its successful commercial ventures, the SII Group confirms its guidance for the year, namely total revenue of €545m (representing annual growth of 24 percent) together with a somewhat smaller improvement in operating income, due in part to an unfavorable calendar effect (year with five fewer business days).

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