Q1 Revenue 2017/2018

Q1 Revenue 2017/2018

Fiscal 2017-2018 first quarter revenue up 24.3%

Sales in France up 31.1% (including organic growth of 7.4%)
International sales up 16.4% (including organic growth of 14.5%)

Confirmation of the Group’s objectives

The SII engineering consulting group has released its revenue figures for the first quarter of fiscal 2017-2018.

Management board chairman Eric Matteucci commented that “The first quarter of fiscal 2017-2018 shows a significant increase in revenue, from both the growth, on a constant consolidation basis, of our existing operations and the impact of the integration of Feel Europe. This performance is perfectly consistent with our growth objectives for our revenue, which is expected to increase 24% for the year as a whole.”

The SII engineering consulting group reported revenue of €129.32m in the first quarter of fiscal 2017-2018, up 24.3 percent, including organic growth of 10.6 percent, despite an unfavorable calendar effect (there were three fewer working days than in the first quarter of last year). The SII Group profited both from the consolidation of Feel Europe (which had revenue of €13.3m for the quarter) and from the sustained growth of existing operations, thanks to its continued ability to provide support and services with a high value added to its clients in aerospace, defense, telecommunications, banking and insurance, and energy.

Sustained growth in France and international operations

In France, the SII Group posted growth of 31.1 percent (7.4 percent organic), bringing revenue to €73.55m. Contributing to this progress was the addition of the business of Feel Europe, which strengthens the Group in the rapidly changing banking and insurance sector. The other growth areas (energy, services, transportation, commerce and distribution) and the Group’s traditional sectors (telecommunications, aerospace and defense) also played a part in the growth of the business.

The SII Group’s international operations continue to achieve double-digit growth, at 16.4 percent (14.5 percent organic). Revenue for the quarter totaled €55.99m. The improvement was attributable to the good results of SII’s subsidiaries in Poland (where sales were up 28 percent), Romania (up 25%), Spain (up 5%), Chile (up 11%), Colombia (up 143%), and Morocco (up 150%). The rapid takeoff of the business in Canada also contributed to this performance. The situation is slowly becoming settled in Germany, where business declined by 3 percent in aggregate, and in Belgium (down 8 percent).

Confirmation of the outlook for 2017-2018

The first three months of the year confirm that business is headed in the right direction and that the addition of Feel Europe has had a positive impact. This causes the Group to reaffirm its revenue objective for fiscal 2017-2018, at €545m, while it expects operating income to increase more moderately.

Proposed dividend of €0.12 per share

In keeping with its policy of returns to shareholders and active earnings distribution, SII will propose a dividend payment of 0.12 euros per share at the shareholders’ meeting on September 19, 2017.

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