Information systems

Information systems provide both general and detailed views and, as such, are effective business performance management tools. SII develops high value added solutions in this area, aimed at helping clients optimize their performance and implement their business strategies.

Informatique financièreOur teams use their technical and functional expertise on behalf of our clients to design plans, integrate new architectures and utilize existing information systems.

Application development

From the design stage through deployment, by way of the assembly of systems based on different market components or specific developments, SII helps its clients with the evolution of their information systems, particularly those using new technologies.

Decision-making software

From the design to the completion of decision-making information systems, SII offers solutions to help its clients best structure and utilize the data they need to manage their business.

Financial management systems

Dyonys® is a family of front-office solutions developed by SII for the private banking and investment fund sector. Support services cover business analysis, customization, deployment and maintenance, training, ...


In order to help its clients coordinate and optimize key corporate functions, SII integrates the major ERP systems in the market so as to make the best technologies in terms of information systems available to them.

Information System Security

The value of information is directly related to the need for confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. The loss of one of those attributes can have serious financial, legal, human and/or operational consequences. The SII Group helps its clients resolve security issues that affect their information systems.

  • risk analysis
  • security policy
  • organizational audits
  • backup plans, BCP / DRP 
  • information system security awareness 
  • intrusion tests 
  • security audits

SII consultants have been certified under ISO 27001, ISO 27005, ITIL and CISSP, the standards applicable to the management of information security.