Five questions for ...

Patrice Demay

Member of the Management Board - Director of Commercial Development France

The financial results of SII France remained stable in fiscal 2013-2014. What can you say about those results and how do you view the coming years?

P. Demay : A true appreciation of our performance requires that it be looked at from two separate angles.

- Our business in the telecommunications and aerospace sectors is the largest in terms of volume. It has been declining as aerospace programs have come to an end and because of structural changes in the telecommunications industry.

- The growth of our operations through the addition of new market segments and customer services with value added, where sales have been increasing considerably and which have been boosted by differentiation in the energy, bank & insurance and retail segments, among others.

How do you view the IT services sector in France?

P. Demay : There are differences within the sector, with technology consulting in decline – which is consistent with our results previously indicated for this segment – and more growth in the IT services segment, due essentially to the opportunities generated by new technologies or applications, such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMACS) technology.

What is SII France’s main competitive advantage over other IT services companies?

P. Demay : Today, we are a global firm with a worldwide presence, able to bid on jobs involving several countries by relying on the benefits offered by a mid-sized company in terms of speed and flexibility.

What are SII France’s new challenges in terms of innovation?

P. Demay : We are strong believers in differentiation through innovation and hence in the creation of value for our customers in the form of technology and services.

Starting in 2012, we have worked on improving and structuring our expertise, for our own benefit and that of our customers, by setting up a training entity which we call SII Consultancy & Training.

We also created SII Research, with the aim of structuring and centralizing all of our technological innovations. Besides benefiting our customers, this project is generating considerable enthusiasm among our staff since it is at the core of what constitutes the engineering profession’s DNA. In addition, it bolsters the long-standing assertion of our motto SII, your partner in technology.

Can you tell us something about SII France’s partnerships and commitments?

P. Demay : We cooperate with third parties in many areas, including sports, charitable organizations and technology.

In sports, as everyone now knows, we have been a sponsor of the Toulouse rugby team, whose values are fully consistent with those of SII.

Regarding charitable contributions, we have not advertised it but we provide financial and technical assistance, including to the French Red Cross, the fight against autism and various child care associations.

We are also very involved in our industry in general, most recently through our association with DEVOXX France 2015. I have also personally served as a director and vice president of the Syntec Numérique industry association for the past five years.