At the end of 2007, the Company’s governance structure was changed from a board of directors where the Company’s founder, Bernard Huvé, held the combined positions of chairman and chief executive officer, to a system with a management board and a supervisory board. Under this setup, the management and oversight functions are kept separate for a better balance of powers.

Management Board

Eric Matteucci
Charles Mauclair
Directeur Région

François Goalabré
Directeur Région
Nord et Grand-Est
Antoine Leclercq
International development

Supervisory Board

Bernard Huvé
Bernard Huvé

Jean-Yves Le Metayer
Vice Chairman

Alexia Slape

Jean-Yves Fradin

Board of directors

Thierry Audier
Manager, Sophia-Antipolis branch
Tarik Aziz
Manager, SII Morocco
Manel Ballesteros
Manager, SII Romania
Olivier Journel
Manager, Ile-de-France branch
Joan Carrillo
Manager, Concatel (Spain, Argentina)
Thierry Chevalier
Manager, Lille branch
Mathieu Fischer
Manager, Strasbourg branch
Diego Dal Cero
Manager, CVTeam (Chile)
Arnaud Duval
Manager, SII Czech Republic
Arut Ganessane
Manager, SII India
Enrique Geck
Manager, SII Deutschland
Marylin Monton
Manager, Lyon branch
Maud Lorant
Hiring Manager
Gérard Lary
Business Development Manager
Philippe Thiels
Manager, Toulouse branch
Claude Léonard
Manager, Uniway (Belgium)
Benoit Mouneydier
Manager, Nantes branch
Xavier Michard
Manager, Rennes branch
Grégoire Nitot
Manager, SII Poland
Nicolas Ortiz
Manager, I+D Group (Colombia)
Jérôme Delvoy
Manager, Aix-en-Provence branch
Alexandre Santos
Manager, SII Canada