Dyonys® is a family of solutions for the financial sector, based on simple technologies, available on-premise or hosted (SaaS).


Dyonys Psychological Profiler®

Win over the hearts and minds of your customers

DYONYS Psychological Profiler® determines the psychological profile of customers with the help of a simple questionnaire designed for your specific business. It helps you better understand their expectations and offers practical advice to improve your relations with them.


Dyonys CRM for Private Banking®

Improve and evaluate your sales potential

DYONYS CRM For Private Banking® is an implementation of Microsoft CRM for the banking sector. Dyonys CRM For Private Banking® combines the power and ease of use of Microsoft CRM with the specific management tasks of banking.


Dyonys CRM for Funds Management®     

Administration and marketing of managed products

DYONYS CRM For Funds Management® is an implementation of Microsoft CRM for the management of banking products. It combines the power and ease of use of Microsoft CRM with the management of funds and all relations necessary to start and market them.


Dyonys Central File®

Protect the core of your business: customer confidentiality

DYONYS Central File® is an electronic repertory used to manage customer forms and legal documents kept in your central file and to protect them from theft as well as from accidents such as fire or water damage by storing them in an electronic safe.


Dyonys A2P (Archiving and Printing Processes)®

Improve the management of your documents and lower your costs

DYONYS A2P (Archiving and Printing Process)® makes it possible to manage documents through their entire life cycle, from their production to their archiving in an electronic safe.

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