SII decided to initiate an improvement process based on the CMMi® model in 2003. Today, its packaged services obtain Level 3 CMMi® certifications.

Designed especially for the engineering sector, CMMi® (Capability Maturity Model Integration)  is a set of good practices for assessing and improving an organization’s ability to deliver products and services efficiently, while complying with quality, time and cost obligations.


Accordingly, the CMMi® model is particularly well suited to the engineering and system integration sectors and contains many benefits to clients. By optimizing the design, development and integration processes, it improves the quality of software products while keeping costs in check. A CMMi® assessment also gives assurances that the supplier knows how to effectively manage projects and to take into consideration the risks and unforeseeable aspects of development.

SII does not just apply the CMMi® model to its own operations but also helps clients with their own quality assurance efforts. It recently earned a place on the short list of 17 firms qualified to act as SEI Partners in France. As such, it is authorized to perform all CMMi® assessment procedures. 

SEI Partner           

CMMi® is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University.