Today, CEFRI-E certification for radiation exposure is a requirement for any company that wants to work in industrial facilities belonging to customers in the French nuclear industry (EDF, AREVA, CEA, etc.).

SII is actively engaged in the certification process, with its Aix-en-Provence agency obtaining CEFRI-E certification in January 2015.

The CEFRI-E certification rules define the organizational measures that must be taken by companies whose employees work in nuclear facilities and are exposed to ionizing radiation.

Through its Radiation Protection Management System, SII manages employee safety:

  • by training its employees in nuclear risk prevention
  • by offering its employees specific, heightened medical surveillance
  • by analyzing the radiation risks at nuclear sites
  • by providing employees appropriate protective equipment
  • by streamlining tasks in order to minimize radiation exposure
  • by managing actual and expected employee radiation doses